Digital photography has several benefits:

Eliminates Several Costly Steps.
Polaroids, film, processing, and scanning are removed from the print production process. High-quality images are captured digitally in a matter of seconds.

"Clean" Digital Files.
The camera captures full detail and subtle tone gradations. No film means no color biases, no variations in processing, and no graininess. It's also more environmentally sound, as there are no chemicals involved.

Unlimited Intermediate Proofs.

Intermediates can be previewed on-screen in full detail immediately after exposure. Composition, lighting, and color balance can be adjusted just as in traditional photography, but with immediate feedback. This creates much greater flexibility, allowing for last-minute changes or minor adjustments with minimal impact on cost and time.

Durability and Transportability.
Unlike film transparencies, digital files won't lose their brilliance over time or be subjected to physical defects such as scratches, fingerprints or dust. Duplicates can be transferred to any fixed or removable digital media at the click of a mouse button, without degradation or harm to the original.

Multi-purpose Use.
Digital files can be incorporated seamlessly into multi-media productions, web pages or any other digital presentation format.

Perfect for Printing.
Hi-resolution (300dpi 11"x14" print size), natural colour and press ready CMYK files ensure that your images will print with the quality you've come to expect.Same Professional Results.Our photographer is a trained professional, well-versed in the arts of lighting and composing. Once you've seen the performance of our digital Nikon D1X camera, you'll know you've left the traditional realm far behind.